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What we believe...
About God
We believe that there is one true God. This God is our Creator. We believe that the Creator God is our Father who loves us and cares for us. The Creator God is eternal. He has always been God and will always be God. We believe that this God is everywhere present. No matter where you are in the world or in the universe, God will be there. Christians believe that God is Almighty. Not only is He the Creator but also the Upholder and the sovereign Ruler of heaven and earth. Nothing in the world happens apart from the will and purpose of God.
About the Trinity
We believe that there is one true God but that in this one true God there are three persons whom we call God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Each of these persons is distinct from the other and each is fully God. Yet there is but one God. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have an eternal love for each other and work together in creation and in salvation.
About knowing God
We believe that we can know God in two ways. First, we can know Him through His creation itself. The universe in which we live shows us that there is a God of astounding intelligence and power and glory. Second, we can know God more fully and clearly through the Bible.
About the Bible
We believe that the Bible is the Word of God which has been given by God's Spirit through the service of human beings. Because God is the ultimate author of the Bible, it is trustworthy in all that it teaches. Because the Bible comes from God, those who read it can expect to be challenged and changed. The God whom we encounter in the Bible calls us to respond to the message with faith and repentance.
About the message of the Bible
The Bible contains a record of the amazing works of God, which He has done for us and for salvation. We can see the Bible as a true story with four major components: 1) our creation, 2) our fall into sin, 3) our salvation, and 4) the future restoration of all things. The Bible often describes its own message as "the gospel." The word "gospel" means "good news." At the heart of what the church believes is the good news of what God has done for His fallen creatures to save them from sin, from the devil and from death.
About creation
The Bible tells us that God made all things out of nothing by the power of His Word. The earth, the moon, the sun and the stars in the most remote places of the universe were called into existence by the Word of God. All creatures great and small have been formed and fashioned by the creative wisdom of God. We also believe that human beings were created by God to be His image. To be God's image means that we were made to reflect God. As God is holy and righteous and good, He made human beings in such a way that they would reflect these divine qualities. As His image, God also called human beings to rule over and care for His creation. Human beings were made to find their true purpose and fulfillment in loving and serving the awesome Creator who made them.
About sin
The Bible tells us that the first human beings, Adam and Eve, made a conscious choice against the Word of God. They rebelled against His law and so brought ruin and death upon themselves. Not only so, they also brought ruin and death upon all their descendants. Ever since Adam and Eve rebelled against God, every human being has entered the world with a rebellious attitude against God. The image of God has been shattered. We no longer reflect God's holiness and righteousness and goodness. Instead, we are all born as members of a sinful race that is subject to death and deserves to be punished by God.
About salvation
The Bible tells us that God did not turn His back on the human beings who rebelled against Him. Instead, He reached out to save us from sin and from all the consequences of sin. When God confronted Adam and Eve after their fall into sin, He spoke words of grace to them. He told them that although they had rebelled, He would rescue them from the consequences of their rebellion. God said that He would send a Saviour to the world to overcome sin, the devil and death itself. As the story of salvation unfolds in the Bible, we see how God's promise of salvation is worked out in growing detail and is finally fulfilled in the birth of Jesus Christ.
About Jesus Christ
We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of the world. The Bible teaches that all who come to know and put their trust in Him will be saved from sin and its consequences. We believe that Jesus Christ is both true God and truly human. He left His heavenly glory and was born of the virgin Mary, taking upon Himself our human nature. He is like us in every respect except that He committed no sin. As a real human being, Jesus Christ has done everything we should have done. He loved God from the heart. He showed Himself to be the true image of God. Not for a moment did He ever drift from doing the will of God. From the beginning to the end of His life on earth, He had one great passion: to do the will of God the Father. We also believe that Jesus Christ endured in our place the aweful penalty for sin. When He died a terrible death on the cross, it was not because of His own sins, but because of our sins. His suffering and death on the cross was the response of God to our sin.
About faith
We believe that we are saved by faith in Jesus Christ. As we believe in Christ Jesus, God forgives our sins and considers us to be righteous and fully acceptable in His sight. When we believe, God looks upon us as though we ourselves had done what Jesus did. He sees us as if we ourselves had lived a righteous and good life and as if we ourselves had paid the penalty for our sins. We believe that we become acceptable to God not by anything we do but only by faith in what Christ has done. We are saved not by our own works but by the work of Christ.
About repentance
The Bible often links faith in Christ to repentance. Christians are called to "repent and believe." Repentance means turning away from your sin to God. It includes being sorry for your sin and being determined to flee from sin in the future. In addition, repentance means loving God's commandments and having a sincere intention to live according to all of them. No one can be saved without repentance. We need to repent when we become Christians and we need to repent each and every day.
About the Holy Spirit
Faith and repentance are worked in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, God's children are given the ability to believe in Christ. The Holy Spirit gives us a new heart and a new mind. As we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we receive power from God to live a pure and good life. We gain the power to struggle against sin, to resist temptation and to think and speak and act in ways that please God.
About Baptism
Baptism is a ritual in which water is sprinkled upon believers. It is to be done only once. When someone is baptized, God is giving that person a visible sign and seal of the promise of the gospel. Just as surely as water washes away dirt from the body, so surely are believing sinners cleansed in the blood of Jesus Christ. We believe that God ordains baptism not only for all believers but also for their children. Children of believers share in the privileges of cleansing in Christ.
About the Lord's Supper
The Lord's Supper is a regular ritual of the church in which believers eat bread and drink wine. Just as with baptism, the Lord's Supper is a sign and seal of the promises of the gospel. Just as surely as the bread and wine of the Lord's Supper nourish and refresh our bodies, so surely does Christ's broken body and shed blood give us life that never ends. As believers eat the bread and drink the cup of the Lord's Supper, Jesus confirms their faith and gives them strength to continue serving Him.
About the church
Christ calls Christian believers together into congregations. Within these congregations, believers live together as fellow members of Christ's body. As members of the church, they make themselves accountable to each other and to the elders of the congregation. They rely on each other for encouragement and exhortation. Every believer is duty bound to use his or her talents and gifts in a loving way for building up the rest of the membership. Prime among the activities of the church is the weekly gathering of believers on the first day of the week. In the worship services, we meet with Christ. He ministers to us through the Word and the sacraments and we respond through our songs of praise, our prayers and our gifts. We believe that every Christian is called by the Lord to be a living and active member of a faithful Christian church.
About finding the church
We believe that the church of God can be recognized primarily by the way in which it upholds and reveres the Word of God. Faithful churches proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of the world and call people everywhere to turn away from their sins, to trust in Jesus and so to be saved. We can also recognize a faithful church by the way in which it uphold the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's Supper. Finally, faithful churches expect their members to live holy and pure lives of love and discipline them when they fail to do so. Every Christian is obligated to join a faithful congregation of Christian believers.
About the future
We believe that Christ was raised on the third day after he suffered and died on the cross. Forty days after He was raised, He ascended into heaven. From there He rules the world and gathers His church. As Christians we believe that the world is heading towards the amazing day when Jesus Christ will return from heaven to judge the living and the dead. At that time, every human being will stand before Jesus Christ as the Judge. Those who have put their trust in Him will enter into the joy of resurrection life. They will live with Christ forever in a world that has been purged of all sin. All grief and sorrow will be taken away. God Himself will wipe every tear from our eyes. However, those who have not put their trust in Christ will be sentenced to eternal death. They will be eternally excluded from the joy of the new creation.