Care For Kids

Worship with Us

We have nurseries for children who are too young to sit through church. These nurseries are safe, comfortable environments, where three or four women take care of the kids during the worship services. During the afternoon services, we also have Little Lambs, a program like Sunday School for kids aged 3-5.


Babies and toddlers can stay in our nursery during the worship service. There are plenty of hands for those children who need to be held, and a sleeping area available for naps. Age-appropriate toys, books, exersaucers, and bouncy chairs provide fun and entertainment. A buzzer system allows you to take an electronic disc into church with you so you can be notified if your baby and/or toddler needs you during the service.

Little Lambs

Little Lambs is a program for kids aged 3-5 that takes place during every Sunday afternoon worship service in the back of the church building. The kids can enjoy making a craft, listening to a Bible story, singing songs, and playing games. It’s a relaxed, fun way for little ones to learn about the Bible!

For more information on our nurseries or Little Lambs program, please contact us.